Spring 2024 RCKMS Office Hours Series

Greetings RCKMS Users!  The Spring 2024 Office Hours Series will be held on April 9th, April 25th, May 7th and May 23rd at 3-4pm ET. 

 On April 4, 2024, 213 conditions will become available for authoring in the RCKMS tool, including the addition of 3 new conditions in Content Release 11. For each Office Hours session, reviews of specific condition groups will be covered. In addition, Session 1 (April 9th at 3-4pm ET) will include an overview of the Timeboxing Version 2 template. As a note, all versions of new and updated conditions will be using the Timeboxing Version 2 template.

 For more details and specific information on which conditions will be discussed at each session, please check out the attached RCKMS Office Hours Schedule.