Winter/Spring 2020 RCKMS Authoring: February – April 17, 2020

There are currently 23 conditions available for authoring and with this release, we will add an additional 20 conditions (total of 43 conditions).   You will not see the 20 new conditions in the Authoring Interface until February 10th.   In the meantime, we encourage all jurisdictions to review the details of the Content Release for any updates to previously released default criteria that may be of interest to your jurisdiction.  If updates are needed to your jurisdiction-specific reporting rules, plan to make any necessary updates beginning February 10th.

Authoring period:  February 10 – April 17, 2020

  • Authoring on the RCKMS production environment for the newly released and any new versions to previous released default content will be available on February 10, 2020. You will need to import each condition (or new version of a condition) by selecting ‘Add Reporting Specification’ on the Reporting Specification landing page in RCKMS.
  • We have developed an authoring schedule that users can follow. Jurisdictions may author, edit and update the new and updated default any time after Feb 10 and certainly beyond April 17.  We provide the schedule as a resource for users as a suggested guide.  You may choose to author according to the schedule or adopt a schedule that works best  for your jurisdiction.  For assistance outside of the suggested authoring period office support hours, users can reach the RCKMS team by submitting a ticket (see link on the right side of the screen).

Click here:  RCKMS PVI_Authoring TimelineWinter2020

Office Hours

  • During the authoring period, we will offer four live Authoring Support Hours sessions (office hours) hosted by the RCKMS Administrators. Each session will be one-hour in length.  Attendance is optional but feel free to attend any of the provided sessions.  During these sessions, we will answer your questions, demonstrate tool feature and provide guided exercises.
    • Session 1: Thurs., February 27, 3:00PM EST
    • Session 2: Thurs., March 19, 3:00PM EST
    • Session 3: Thurs., April 2, 3:00PM EST
    • Session 4: Thurs., April 16, 3:00PM EST
  • Calendar invites for each session will be emailed to known RCKMS users.