SNOMED Condition Code Update – COVID-19

A new version of the COVID-19 reporting specifications (7.0 Release 2020527) has been released. Version 7.0 includes a new SNOMED condition code. Please see release notes below for details.

Potential impact on your surveillance system

When an eICR is found reportable for COVID-19, the COVID-19 Condition Code is output in the Reportability Response as the Relevant Reportable Condition Value. If you use the Relevant Reportable Condition Value from the Reportability Response to triage/process eICRs, this update may impact your surveillance system. We recommend checking internally for any potential impact.

Will I need to publish the new COVID-19 version

For your convenience, the RCKMS team has added version 7.0 into your account and copied over your existing rules and references for COVID-19. To reduce confusion as to which version to use, we also removed old unpublished versions (specifically those with status = “In progress”) of COVID-19 from your account. After the update is complete, you will need to perform the following:

1. Retire the previous version of COVID-19 version

  • From the condition list, click the edit icon
  • Change the status to Retire from Production
  • Click save. You should notice the status update on the condition list

2. Publish the new version of COVID-19 to Published to Production Status. 

The updated COVID-19 guidance document created by the RCKMS content team and updated RCTC can be found in the Content Repository linked below. For any additional questions, please submit a ticket or email the RCKMS team at