New Features on the RCKMS Authoring Interface

The Authoring Interface was updated with the following changes.  Please see the attached PDF file, RCKMS UI Summary of Changes _20210504 (below) for a brief overview with screenshots of the updates. 

RCKMS Ticket Submission Link: We made a few tweaks to the UI to make it easier to identify the link for RCKMS ticket submission form. 

  • The link in the footer (formally the Feedback Form) will be relabeled to read “Submit an RCKMS Ticket/Feedback Form”.
  • The “Help” button on the top navigation pane will now open a new tab for RCKMS ticket submission form.

New User Guide Button:

  • A “User Guide” button will be added to the top navigation pane to make it easier to locate the Jurisdiction User Guide.

Version numbers added to the Authoring Status Report

  • The version number for a given condition will be added to the Authoring Status Report

Alphabetized Menu for Condition Details Report

  • When selecting a condition for the Conditions Details Report, the menu will now list the conditions in alphabetical order, followed by the version number in descending order.